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New Temporary Forum Server + Virtual Enterprise News

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Posted at 10:25 pm, 9th March 2002
Hi everyone. Since f2s kicked all their users, we've been looking for new hosting for the forums. Vanhal has been kind enough to set up this server for us to use. It's only temporary until we find a good place. It will go up and down and it is very slow as I'm sure you've noticed by now. Anyway, thanks for coming, and enjoy yourselves.

In other news, due to exams and other stuff, I've had to put back the release date again, sorry, it's now 1st June. Thanks for your patience, but I promise THIS MOD WILL BE RELEASED
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Posted at 7:39 pm, 12th March 2002
This is a semi perant one, it will always be up. but a bit slow.

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