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What would you prefer?

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What would you prefer to use for the virtual game?
Play By E-mail (PBEM)
10% (1)
Play on the forum
100% (10)
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Posted at 3:42 pm, 2nd July 2002
Would you prefer a Play-by-Email game, or a game on the forum?

I prefer the forum way, but do use the email for Tango Fleet.

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Posted at 3:44 pm, 2nd July 2002
I prefer to play on the forums

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Posted at 4:45 pm, 2nd July 2002
I don't like PBEM. If you want to review old missions, you have to save all the messages you get. Nobody else can see what it's all about if it's PBEM, whereas on the forums potential new crew members can find out what it's all about before they join. One final reason, PBEM doesn't increase your post count. Wink

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Posted at 7:38 pm, 2nd July 2002
PBEM is crazy. It's like your hiding something from everybody else. It also clutters up your inbox if your not around for a while. LOL! Wink

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Posted at 1:55 am, 3rd July 2002
I agree. Forums are the way to go. It's working well for us now.

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Posted at 3:49 am, 3rd July 2002
Who voted for the email way Muhahaha

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