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Posted at 5:52 pm, 3rd July 2002
Has anyone here contacted anyone at "Tango Fleet" and tried to convince them to come here. I am asking because I (those of us at Tango Fleet) recieved an email from the CO of Tango Fleet Academy saying that there was external recruitment going on. It says it is from another fleet, but I was wondering, since someone here mentioned Bravo Fleet, they may have gone to Tango Fleet and said something. Here is the email I got.

Captain John Warner, CO of Tango Fleet Academy, said:
It has been brought to my attention that there is some recuirment going on
be behind my back to get the people here at Tango Fleet Academy to join
another fleet that is not afflited with us.

Now this is not right we dont go to other fleet and use their sim to recuirt
people for us and I would expect the same from you. But since it is being
done I would like any of you who has been contacted by any fleet while here
at the academy to send me a email telling me who contacted you.

TFA Rule

3- Using the mailing list to solicit membership for other RPG's is not
allowed! We don't recruit from within other fleets, and we ask you to do
the same! This includes signature files, direct requests, or other methods.
If you receive a email asking you to join someone's ship / group, whether it
be related in anyway to Tango Fleet or not, please E-mail your instructor
and let them know this and forward them the email that you received. If the
request came from a TF ship and you are indeed interested in the position,
the Training Manager can usually complete the arrangements for you. If you
are caught you may be removed from the list permanently

Captain John Warner
Co of the Academy

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Posted at 5:58 pm, 3rd July 2002
Not I, but it seems likely that it was someone here. I doubt that that guy realizes that our "fleet" is like 15 people. Na na!

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Posted at 7:28 pm, 3rd July 2002
Not me either. If they think our two ships is a fleet, that's funny. Tango Fleet is a much more serious and organized RPG group than our little virtual game. Considering we are just a casual group, I don't see why Tango Fleet members couldn't play too, but Captain Warner is correct when he says their mailing list shouldn't be used for recruitment. Correct procedure would be to invite them to visit us and they can decide for themselves if they want to play.

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Posted at 7:57 pm, 3rd July 2002
not me either, I never joined either fleet because 1 ship is enough for now

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