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Posted at 10:53 pm, 4th July 2002
This is so boring. It is 23:45 in UK and no one is on the board come on people! OR USA Fiolf come on i am so board, i am way to watch SKY Dig.
Cyas... ill be back about 00:30.

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Posted at 10:55 pm, 4th July 2002
IM here so is dobberman and i think vanhal is here to.

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Posted at 10:57 pm, 4th July 2002
Don't forget me! I'm here!

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Posted at 2:20 am, 5th July 2002
don't forget me either, I am on the board for most of the day

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Posted at 5:06 pm, 5th July 2002
Well, I'm only usually on that late on Friday's and Saturday's since I still have school. I end up here about 5-6pm and read all the posts and stuff then. I'm running late today.

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