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Captain James T. Kirk
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Posted at 4:32 pm, 5th July 2002
hey, i was just wondering, hows the progress goin on the mod? I hope it comes out soon, and keep up the excelent Work! Grin
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Posted at 5:07 pm, 5th July 2002
It would be nice if it came out soon, but by the looks of it, it may be a while yet. Considering the boat-building contest closes July 20th, the mod probably won't be released until sometime in August.

Captain of the USS Serenity
kamkazie mcgrathzie
Lt. Commander

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Posted at 10:47 pm, 5th July 2002
It should be realised from what ive seen of the mod it looks great.

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Tiochfaidh ar la

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Posted at 11:30 pm, 5th July 2002
I am really sure it will be out in august like you said, I know this will be a good mod

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Posted at 12:35 am, 6th July 2002
Well while VE, is out in August, VV:S8 should out soon, hopefully. I am just trying to get the decks finished and then the scripting modding... so middle of July I hope!

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