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Terminator 3

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Posted at 6:01 pm, 8th July 2002
Just seen on Teletext today that there is a game and film of Termonator 3 and is being released next year I think dont no much as i looked at it early this morning and didnt have a proper look and i think it says there is a 4th 1 coming out as well
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Posted at 6:05 pm, 8th July 2002
On the Terminator 2 DVD I thought I heard them say they were making a 4th. So it most likely is true.

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Posted at 6:10 pm, 8th July 2002
is it going to be arni hehe holding is walking stick pointing hiting people with it like old grannys do

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Posted at 6:21 pm, 8th July 2002
The game is coming along nicely and the third movie is nearly finished,
I used like Arnie but he might have ended DVD's he was the first person to be payed for commentry on a movie.This could make other stars want money for DVD extra's.

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Posted at 6:26 pm, 8th July 2002
I am wondering who has watched the other terminator movies, I think I watched parts of those movies

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Posted at 7:23 pm, 8th July 2002
I've watched the two movies and seen the trailer for the new one. (now showing in theatres). It doesn't show much but that's to be expected considering its a teaser.

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