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Locked200 posts!!!!

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is going to kill you!!!

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Posted at 8:55 pm, 23rd March 2002
Yes thats right, this forum has now got over 200 posts and its all thanks to you, YES YOU!!!! (well mainly dobberman, 75+ posts). Already 2 of you have left the rank of cadet and are making your way up in life.

And to celabrate we are going to give you..............................

NOTHING!!! Thats right we will give you nothing, no ads (damm me for that i should have put ads, i could be rich by now) no death (again i should have killed you all) and no speed in viewing this forum (i think i know what it is and i'm trying to fix it).

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Posted at 9:04 pm, 23rd March 2002
LOL! Rock!

YOOHOO!!! 200+posts! Keep it up guys, and I might just release this mod Wink
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Posted at 1:18 pm, 24th March 2002
Yeah im 1 closer to be ensign Hehehe! Now I am any way LOL

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Posted at 1:21 pm, 24th March 2002
Sorry please keep reminding me to log in because I get toooooooooooooooooooooooo caried away and dont log in and my post will not go up I will start to log in Hehehe! Hehehe!
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Posted at 2:29 pm, 12th May 2002
I will probably never get to 200 posts

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