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It would be kewl

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Posted at 12:24 pm, 11th July 2002
It would be kewl if there was touch screen games where you touched the screen and somthing happened like on star trek games if you take the helm and fly the ship touching the buttons on your monitor like they do on star trek if you no what i mean pressing the arrows up and left to right to fly the ship instead of your keyboard

hehe you would have to polish your screen tho every 2 minutes to get the finger prints of hehe
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Posted at 1:53 pm, 11th July 2002
we already have something like that

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Posted at 1:54 pm, 11th July 2002
At the local science center, they have four computers with touch screens for the kiddies to play educational games. I know of an automotive store that has touch screens (I think they're used). However, I don't know if you can just plug the touch screen in and start using it. You might have to custom-write the program.

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Posted at 5:03 pm, 11th July 2002
yeah i have seen those touch screens but what i would love is to play BC or EF and other games with them at home
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Posted at 6:00 pm, 11th July 2002
My mom had one on her old comp. but it screwed up and she couldn't use it.

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