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What Should Next Review Be On?
Extreme Risk
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Thirty Days
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Posted at 8:05 pm, 15th July 2002
Welcome to another of Ensign Kims amazing Episode Talk. This time we go on about Jeri Ryan's most difficult episodes. ONE.

With the fate of the crew in her hands, Seven must face her deepest fears alone.

I thought this episode really brought the character Seven Of Nine out, it was really cool.

Here Are The Images

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Posted at 8:14 pm, 15th July 2002
yeah, I liked how she stood up for being alone for so long

I think the next review should be on Extreme Risk

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Posted at 8:21 pm, 15th July 2002
I liked it. We got to see deck 14 (REMEMBER!!!) and seven's characters really advanced, and the producers managed to get the ship a lot closer to home and pass a month of time.

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