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My training?

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Posted at 9:32 am, 17th July 2002
No one have replyed in the FIRST TIME VISITORS HERE READ THIS thread.
BTW is there any other position open?
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Posted at 3:11 pm, 17th July 2002
You pick Science. Good. Training will start with a science officer after Mission 5b ends. We will also need to know what ship you will be on. Peaceful or Fighting.

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Posted at 3:35 pm, 17th July 2002
I had to clarify this for everyone else, so I clarify it for you too.

The fighting ship will be fighting hostile aliens, or picking fights with non-hostile aliens, every single mission.

The peaceful ship will be on normal missions like a real starship. Most missions will not have fighting, but from time to time we will have a glorious battle.

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Posted at 3:43 pm, 17th July 2002
qu'pla. My our souls rest in stovokour >>:{]

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Posted at 11:23 pm, 17th July 2002
Scooter said:
glorious battle.

You really like that phrase don't you? Grin

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Posted at 11:29 pm, 17th July 2002
Ya we are a klingon like family Qa'pla >>:{]

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