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Posted at 8:41 pm, 17th July 2002
This is just a basic list of crewmembers and positions on both ships. Thanks to those who submitted crewmembers for the list (Scooter, Manhunter, Skywalker, Sporto, Starbase 5, FliX). I finished the detailed list after a long time, it was so hard, 120 crewmembers in so much detail.

Any moderators of this forum other than Simmo, DO NOT edit this list


REA = Real Person
NPC = Non Player Character
REA/NPC = Real Person who doesnt take part very often so use them as an NPC

HUM = Human
VUL = Vulcan
BET = Betazoid
8472 = Species 8472
BAJ = Bajoran
KLN = Klingon
BOL = Bolian
TRL = Trill
AND = Andorian
DEN = Denobulan

MAL = Male
FEM = Female
UNS = Unsure - For very wierd alien cultures
OTH = Other - and comment of what it is

USS Serenity - Nova Class

Captain - Simmo666 (REA HUM MAL)
First Officer - Scooter (REA HUM MAL)

Chief Navigator - Jeff Daniels (REA HUM MAL)
Assistant Navigator - Elizabeth Parker (NPC HUM FEM)
Assistant Navigator - Keith Gilman (NPC HUM MAL)
Assistant Navigator - Terkia Oldham (NPC TRL FEM)
Assistant Navigator - Jek'Pa (NPC VUL MAL)
Assistant Navigator - Angela Dekker (NPC HUM FEM)

Chief Engineer - Sporto78 (REA HUM MAL)
Assistant Chief Engineer - Solan (NPC VUL MAL)

Engineer (Matter/Antimatter Specialist) - Bryon Underhill (NPC HUM MAL)
Engineer (Structural Engineer) - Albert Wendt (NPC HUM MAL)
Engineer (Warp Drive Engineer) - Katherine Barrington (NPC HUM FEM)
Engineer (General Engineering Officer) - Logalot Avernite (REA HUM MAL)
Engineer (Life Support Engineer) - Samuel Harrison (NPC HUM MAL)
Engineer (Computer Engineer) - Paul McCloud (NPC HUM MAL)
Engineer (Sensor Maintenance) - Brandon Heywood (NPC HUM MAL)
Engineer (Shuttlecraft Maintenance) - Christine McLean (NPC HUM FEM)
Engineer (Environmental Engineer) - Shaun Matthews (NPC HUM MAL)
Engineer (Communications Maintainer) - Joshua Baton (NPC HUM MAL)
Engineer (Matter/Energy Engineer)- Emily Metcalfe (NPC HUM FEM)

Chief Transporter Operator - Coval (NPC AND MAL)
Transporter Operator - Kela Morjis (NPC BAJ FEM)

Chief of Operations - Michael Kim (REA HUM MAL)
Assistant Chief Operations Officer - Rebecca McFarland (NPC HUM FEM)
Ops Officer - Ashley Waterbury (NPC HUM FEM)
Ops Officer - Ted Gilsdorf (NPC HUM MAL)
Ops Officer - Opell (NPC BOL MAL)
Ops Officer - Hek'Va (NPC HUM/KLN FEM)
Ops Officer - Steven Camacho (NPC HUM MAL)
Ops Officer - Shon Ehr (NPC BAJ MAL)
Ops Officer - Helen Yee (NPC HUM FEM)
Ops Officer - Lesley Muckley (NPC HUM MAL)

Chief of Security - Manhunter (REA HUM MAL)
Deputy of Security - Luke (REA HUM MAL)
Security Officer (Brig Watch) - William 'Wil' Travis (NPC HUM MAL)
Security Officer (Brig Watch) - Juha Nevis (NPC BAJ FEM) - Bajoran Exchange Officer
Security Officer (Quartermaster) - Richard Hoffman (NPC HUM MAL)
Security Officer (VIP Escort) - Samuel Cassidy (NPC HUM MAL)
Security Officer (VIP Escort) - Roger Briscoe (NPC HUM MAL)
Security Officer (General) - Tiro Malice (NPC BAJ MAL) - Bajoran Exchange Officer
Security Officer (General) - Rosie Carswell (NPC HUM FEM)
Security Officer (General) - Marvin Broswell (NPC HUM MAL)
Security Officer (General) - Moh Nakar (NPC BAJ MAL)
Security Officer (General) - Tom Malone (NPC HUM MAL)
Security Officer (General) - Valrek (NPC VUL MAL)

Chief Medical Officer - Obiko Dozen-Handed (REA/NPC HUM MAL)
Assistant Chief Medical Officer - Throp (NPC DEN MAL)
Medical Officer (Head Nurse) - Lenna Doulani (NPC TRL FEM)
Medical Officer (Nurse) - Kolell (NPC BOL FEM)
Medical Officer (Nurse) - Jeremy Byrd (NPC HUM MAL)
Medical Officer (Surgeon) - Ernest Jaques (NPC HUM MAL)
Medical Officer (Medic) - Carl Thiel (NPC HUM MAL)
Medical Officer (Medic) - James Sharp (NPC HUM MAL)
Medical Officer (Medic) - Bridget Hartley (NPC HUM FEM)
Medical Officer (General) - Lesia Delbo (NPC BAJ FEM)
Medical Officer (General) - Lucius Batlle (NPC TRL MAL)
Counsellor - Consuela Bulsa (NPC BET FEM)

Chief Science Officer - FliX (REA HUM MAL)
Assistant Chief Science Officer - Evan Crusader (REA HUM MAL)
Science Officer (Xenobiology) - William 'Dexus' Garetts (REA HUM MAL)
Science Officer (General) - Candice Mooney (NPC HUM FEM)
Science Officer (Stellar Cartography) - T'Suk (NPC VUL FEM)
Science Officer (Stellar Cartography) - Kristina Yu (NPC HUM FEM)
Science Officer (Astrometrics) - Mike Toler (NPC HUM MAL)
Science Officer (Hydrologist) - Paul Force (NPC HUM MAL)
Science Officer (Biologist) - Ralph Corwin (NPC HUM MAL)
Science Officer (Physicist) - Signe (NPC BOL FEM)
Science Officer (Physicist) - Lydia Crompton (NPC HUM FEM)
Science Officer (Astrophysicist) - Carl Warrick (NPC HUM MAL)
Science Officer (Exobiologist) - Patrice Krebs (NPC HUM FEM)
Science Officer (Ecologist) - Terry Thigpen (NPC HUM MAL)

Restaurant Manager - Craig McArdle (NPC HUM MAL)
Bar Server - Gladys Pittman (NPC HUM FEM)
Bar Server - Delinda Catani (NPC TRL FEM)
Chef - Nathan Briseņo (NPC HUM MAL)
Waitress - Beckie Nesmith (NPC HUM FEM)
Waiter - Toney Ketchersid (NPC HUM MAL)

Civilian - Kayla Travis (NPC HUM FEM)
Civilian - Cortez Bulsa (NPC BET MAL)
Civilian - Amanda Corwin (NPC HUM FEM)
Civilian - Luis Underhill (NPC HUM MAL)

USS Columbia - Defiant Class

Captain - Carlos_Technology (REA 8472 MAL)
First Officer / Chief of Security - Kamakazie Macgrathzie (REA/NPC HUM MAL)

Chief Navigator - Paula Carter (NPC HUM FEM)
Assistant Navigator - Klancnik Tigan (NPC TRL MAL)
Assistant Navigator - Jack Maloney (NPC HUM MAL)

Chief Engineer - Paul O'Neill (NPC HUM MAL)
Assistant Chief Engineer - T'Rel (NPC VUL FEM)
Engineer (Structural Engineer) - Dobberman (REA/NPC HUM MAL)
Engineer (Warp Drive Engineer) - Lula Clover (NPC HUM FEM)
Engineer (Life Support Engineer) - Carla Nichols (NPC HUM FEM)
Engineer (Environmental Engineer) - Stephen Whitfield (NPC HUM MAL)
Engineer (Matter/Energy Engineer) - Clare Johnson (NPC HUM FEM)
Engineer (Sensor Maintainer) - Avelina Matacale (NPC BAJ FEM)
Engineer (Shuttlecraft Maintainer) - Kusnic (NPC AND MAL)

Chief of Operations - Janet Kingsley (NPC HUM FEM)
Ops Officer - Dylan Prescot (NPC HUM MAL)
Ops Officer - Thomas Stevens (NPC HUM MAL)
Ops Officer - Margarita Castillo (NPC HUM FEM)
Ops Officer - Lantelme (NPC BOL FEM)

Deputy of Security - LeprechaunTrekker (REA HUM MAL)
Security Officer (Brig Watch) - Shaun Roberts (NPC HUM MAL)
Security Officer (VIP Escort) - Michaela Harrison (NPC HUM FEM)
Security Officer (VIP Escort) - T'Kel (NPC VUL FEM)
Security Officer (Quartermaster) - Bverger (NPC AND MAL)
Security Officer (General) - Clarence Sayles (NPC HUM MAL)
Security Officer (General) - Samantha Malamed (NPC HUM FEM)
Security Officer (General) - Samuel Alcala (NPC HUM MAL)

Chief Medical Officer - Brian Scanlon (NPC HUM MAL)
Assistant Chief Medical Officer - Jar Kosir (NPC BAJ FEM)
Medical Officer (Head Nurse) - Tom Coragill (NPC HUM MAL)
Medical Officer (Nurse)- Hazel Smart (NPC HUM FEM)
Medical Officer (Surgeon) - Jonathan Taylor (NPC HUM MAL)
Medical Officer (Medic) - Latoria Kagimoto (NPC TRL FEM)
Medical Officer (Medic) - Justin Tolliver (NPC HUM MAL)

Chief Science Officer - Luke_Skywalker55 (REA HUM MAL)
Assistant Chief Science Officer - Kevin Chapman (REA/NPC HUM MAL)
Science Officer (Physicist) - Angela Kolari (NPC BAJ FEM)
Science Officer (Astrophysicist) - Jonathan Peterson (NPC HUM MAL)
Science Officer (Exobiologist) - Stewart Pickles (NPC HUM/BET MAL)
Science Officer (Ecologist) - Lydia Jacobo (NPC HUM FEM)

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