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LockedTeen Town: Issue 8

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Posted at 10:44 pm, 17th July 2002
Welcome to teen town again, today we talk about


What are your concepts on death and have you lost any one? Also your grave stone ect...

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Posted at 11:15 pm, 17th July 2002
I lost a lot of my relatives, but in most cases they are better off because they are in Heaven. I'm not 100% sure on what happens when you die. I almost died, but I don't know what happened because there is a one week gap in my memory. I do know that there is an afterlife. Those who have been elected by God unto eternal life will go to Heaven (Sto'vo'kor), and the rest go to Hell (Gre'thor) where they are consumed by fire and brimstone (sulpher). Death is one of the biggest mysteries. I'm not afraid to die because when I do it will be God's Will.

As for grave stones, too expensive. The little plaque with my name on it and when I lived is fine by me.

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Posted at 9:31 am, 18th July 2002
well i havnt lost oo many only my old granny but she got up to a good age... (i never saw her anyway, she was in a home and didnt know anyone) so i think shes better of dead

as for heaven and that *?!# i dont beleve in that , im not sure what happens if youre dead... to be honest i dont wanna know or think about it too much , as im only 16.... ill wait till im at least 80 Wink
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