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Posted at 12:53 am, 19th July 2002
I have used the intro of Borg1, and placed it in to the sence ofepisode 1, now Munro walks down a corridor on deck 11 when talking to Tuvok, all i have to do i change what he says and who says it! Pictures coming soon.

EDIT: You shoudl see how cool this is! A new intro secence for Episode 1, it is so cool, it comes up the story line then after that ti goes on to deck 11 where munro talks to chactoay , text only, then the camera goes behind munro and then you play. It comes up Chakotay to Munro, I have uploaded your mission objectives..
It is bassically an edit of Borg 1 but still cool! Also I will try and change mission objectives..

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Posted at 2:03 am, 19th July 2002
Sounds like it worked out perfectly how you planned it!

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Posted at 8:24 am, 19th July 2002
That sounds great. Well done.

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Posted at 12:36 pm, 19th July 2002
yes, that sounds good

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Posted at 3:45 am, 29th July 2002
I havent played EF in a while,but once this is released,I will get back on and play it!

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