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Star trek Nemesis?

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Posted at 4:52 pm, 19th July 2002
Ok, I'v been hearing alot about the new Star Trek. Can anyone tell me where to get some info about it? Like Video Previews or articels and such?
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Posted at 4:59 pm, 19th July 2002

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Posted at 5:20 pm, 19th July 2002

edit: this link is slow

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Posted at 9:38 pm, 19th July 2002
thanks, startrek.com was a rip cuz i didnt have money to sign up Happy thats why i never look there.
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Posted at 10:03 pm, 19th July 2002
You dont have to sign up for StarTrek.com, that's StarTrek.net, the internet provided LOL! Na na!

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