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Site Moved to Temporary Location! Possible Hack Attempt!

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Posted at 1:31 am, 1st April 2002
I believe the same hacking attempt attacking http://www.effiles.com may be occuring to my site aswell. This would explain the sudden and dramatic increase in bandwidth being fed into the site. It has doubled the limit more than once in the same day. Anyway, I have moved the site to a new temporary location. My only fear is people not being able to find it. The only well known link to it is http://www.obriensmods.tk and according to the statistics, only about 10% of the visitors to my site actually use this address. People using the angelfire address will not even notice that the move has happened or that anything at all has happened since they will still get the same bandwidth error message. Hopefully this move will aliviate some of the bandwidth the site is getting and restore the site to working order. I might be able to get a .com address this weekend (or at least negotiate for one), hopefully this will solve all our problems.

Thanks for your support guys!
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Posted at 8:27 pm, 1st April 2002
All these daft hackers. What do they think they are going to accomplish?
I was lucky enough to bookmark this forum just before the bandwidth mess up started. I'm afraid most of the other visitors here won't find out what's going on. I haven't seen allendude here for ages, he probably follows the link on the angelfire site.

Hope it's done soon.

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