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I have done something with Dark Basic at last

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Posted at 8:53 pm, 7th August 2002
kewl I have Dark Basic and had 4 some time but tonight i fort i would look at it properly the only thing i have done is how to make shapes like a sphere (etc)

I will learn the other things out tomorrow I just fort i say as i had this programe for some time hehe
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Posted at 10:06 pm, 7th August 2002
is that similar to Q Basic and/or Visual Basic

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Posted at 8:39 pm, 5th September 2002
DarkBASIC? I have that I hear its meant to be pretty good. Except I havnt learnt it yet though.
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Posted at 9:43 pm, 5th September 2002
I have it too, I got it to do that, I was gonna cheat and make a game based on a borg sphere Happy
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