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Science Talk: Part 6

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Posted at 9:50 pm, 24th August 2002
Back on track. S2 SciTalk is going to be GR8. Here is an unusual One....


How will music change and will it always be the guitar, do u see any differnet insruments being invented? Also put pictures up of any wierd new instruments....

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Posted at 9:55 pm, 24th August 2002
I saw this one in a show that all you do if wave and motion your hand between and front of sensors and it makes some cool music. It was a cool instrument.
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Posted at 10:19 pm, 24th August 2002
well i think music will always be changeing, ad going back .... Wha?

for instance, in loads of discos, you hear loads of 60s and 70s music, i think it great a revival, that will last a bit yet (not too long)

what i think SUX is that everyone seems to have been covering this year (britney, ect...) i think that is one of the reasons, why the music industry is suffering, its not piracy or the internet... (there has allways been piracy) i think that good music sells itself in stoors for money, its only "bad" music, that get ripped...
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Posted at 3:00 am, 26th August 2002
I don't really like music, but I like editing the video and sound of Star Trek theme songs (but not all Star Trek video and sound files)

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Posted at 3:28 pm, 31st August 2002
I hope music changes. The guitar gets used WAY too much.

Yes, there has been piracy since the days when people were copying LPs and 45s onto audio cassette.

The music industry is holding itself back I think. Always the same style, never changing.

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