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Check out my New Sig!

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Posted at 2:22 am, 25th August 2002
Looky!Its preaty!

Not only that, but Im a Commander! GO LUKE SKYWALKER!

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Posted at 2:48 am, 25th August 2002
You spelled "chief" wrong Na na!

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Life is good.
Commander luke

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Posted at 3:07 am, 25th August 2002
Didn't you have that sig before? and then you changed it and now you changed it back.
Damn, lost 400 posts...

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Posted at 3:23 am, 25th August 2002
It is cool anyway. Don't you love multicolored fonts? LOL!

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Posted at 10:35 pm, 25th August 2002
It gets on my nerves a bit

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Skywalker55(Not loged in)
Posted at 12:56 am, 26th August 2002
Dont I always tick you off? Na na! What ever! LOL!

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Posted at 3:19 am, 26th August 2002
I like the multicolored signature

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