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Voy S8 Ep1

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Posted at 10:29 pm, 26th August 2002
These story lines can change


Lt Munro walks down a corridor of deck 11, he talks to Chakotay over the comm and find out his mission which is to get Janeway and injured personal off that deck and get rid off all borg. So he gets to work, in engineering which is covered in borg he goes to a cosole which transports Janeway and co out...Later He goes back to talk to Kim and Torres where a borg is working, they tell him to blow an access door on the first part of engineering. He does so and climbs soome jeffries tubes and connects some wires up... this causes an explosion near the warp core bringing it offline... He goes back down and transport all borg into space and finally B'lenna and Kim come running into the main engineering...



Later, what do you guys think?

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Posted at 10:44 pm, 26th August 2002
the Scene 1 looks good so far

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Posted at 11:33 pm, 26th August 2002
cool, sounds good. But it sounds like you're not keeping people very busy, maybe more tasks?
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Posted at 11:48 pm, 26th August 2002
Kim, does this mean you got the second half of the monologue successfully?

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