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Question about Loading Avatars.

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Join Date: 29-06-2002
Posted at 2:31 am, 2nd September 2002
Okay, notice how i still have NO avatar Happy not that its really a problem, its just been buggin me. why wont it load after i press the submit button?
the avatar disapears... Grrr! kinda funny actualy. : Wink
Commander luke

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Posted at 2:48 am, 2nd September 2002
it has to be within the set limit.
You should link to an off-site avatar anyway you can make it alot bigger.
Damn, lost 400 posts...
Morale Officer

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Posted at 4:51 am, 2nd September 2002
Which method of selecting an avatar are you using?

Captain of the USS Serenity

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Posted at 3:54 pm, 2nd September 2002
if you have your pic on geocities, it won't allow you to do offsite linking

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Posted at 6:50 pm, 2nd September 2002
The One that lets u load one from the computer, but im gonna try and link one from msn and see what happens..