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Movie Madness: Scene 4

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Posted at 10:51 pm, 7th September 2002
Ok, instead of scary movies how about the holiday movies


NO 3, 3 was shit! Any way... 1 and 2

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Posted at 11:46 pm, 7th September 2002
I liked them both, and I agree, #3 was rubbish. The kid that stars in #3 was popping up in several movies and tv shows and I hate him so much (more than Carlos). They waited too long to do a third movie, and by that time Macualy Culkin was too old to play a little kid. Rather than ruin the first two by bringing back Harry and Marv, they got new crooks.

Anyways, enough talk about that. Home Alone 1 and 2 were good. I prefer the first one though.

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Posted at 12:53 am, 8th September 2002
I liked them both, but I've never seen Home Alone 3
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Posted at 1:44 am, 8th September 2002
I think I have seen all 3 of those movies, but I hated all 3 of those movies

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Posted at 7:37 am, 8th September 2002
1 + 2 where quite amusing


3 sucked big time Wha?
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Posted at 11:02 am, 8th September 2002
Number 1 was great, it was original and funny.

Number 2 was good, although it did seem in parts too similar to number 1.

Number 3? I can't remember anything about it.

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Posted at 2:15 pm, 8th September 2002
number one was good. The second one was kind of stupid. The third one was almost a copy of the first. They kinda all sucked.
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