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what should I do?

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What should I do Mod EF or BC
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Posted at 8:33 pm, 10th September 2002
well what you think i should do?

I have tired to make ships for BC vertualy there need more help i have asked at BC forum in a PM and they said that they will get intouch with some 1 to help me so may be i will get there in the end soon i hope or..

go back to EF and try again at modding that ? I have 2 weeks off soon a week on saturday and counting down hehe carnt waite so i will have pleanty of time so what toy think i should do?

Stick with BC or go back and Mod EF?
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Posted at 8:46 pm, 10th September 2002
why can't you do both?

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Posted at 8:53 pm, 10th September 2002
EF, the EF community needs more modders.

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Posted at 8:57 pm, 10th September 2002
I have to agree with sporto. Although I guess it really depends if you are any good or not.
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