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Upcoming promotion(?)

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Posted at 4:24 pm, 18th September 2002
I have a hunch that there will be a promotion soon. VERY soon. Probably today or tomorrow. That's all I'm saying. This should make for an interesting discussion (so interesting perhaps that it could be the cause of the promotion). Hehehe!

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Posted at 6:08 pm, 18th September 2002
What, for Carlos I assume. 2000 posts for Commodore I guess. And he's on 1993. *Sigh* Well, I was officially the first commodore on the board, back in the olden days it was. It was a marvellous time. Posts actually meant something, Virtual Enterprise was a few days from completion before it was "Awaiting Final Installments", and the Virtual Game was at its peak of great storylines. Carlos was miles behind me and Scooter was battling to keep up. Ah, it brings back memories.

All of this of course incase Dobberman fixes my rank to Admiral or something, I guess that we'll dread that Vanhal changed those ranks down again.

Life goes on...


After finding my promotion post, I was amazed at the brilliant "conversation" we had and the fact that it would take Carlos "months" to be promoted.


Above is the link to my promotion on June 24th.

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