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Posted at 6:47 pm, 22nd September 2002
Does anyone have a collection of all the latest Virtual Enterprise pics?

I would like to see more than the great but older ones that are on the EFMods.com website. How many pics can I find on the boards...and are there any more?
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Posted at 6:54 pm, 22nd September 2002
there are no newer pics, and if there were, I don't think Dobberman would release them.

go here every friday at 9pm GMT for a VE update
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Posted at 7:08 pm, 22nd September 2002
Read my weekly updates to see all the latest pics. I think there's only one or two so far.

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Posted at 6:09 pm, 23rd September 2002
Speaking of weekly updates what happened to dobbermans update last week?
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Posted at 6:41 pm, 23rd September 2002
I think its at the end of every 7 days. So the last one was ending 16th Sept, so the next one should be 17th Sept to 23rd Sept, so today right?

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Posted at 7:00 pm, 23rd September 2002
I was going to update every Friday/Saturday, but Dobber doesn't get anything for me that quickly, so right now I'm updating whenever I get new info, as long as at least seven days have passed since the last update. We're actually behind, because last week's update was for the week before. I was even in the live chat last Friday (came in a bit late), but Dobber never showed up. :-(

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Posted at 8:04 pm, 23rd September 2002
He's never updated when I've been there, and I've made it a point to be there at that time on numerous occasions.

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Posted at 9:21 pm, 23rd September 2002
I couldn't make it last friday, was a bit busy. Couldn't update recently cause I haven't had much time to work on it.
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Posted at 12:23 am, 24th September 2002
There you have it. Don't anybody ever accuse me of deglecting my duties.

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Posted at 12:53 am, 24th September 2002
And it's not like we can blame Dobberman. It's not like he's getting paid to do this.
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