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Which Star Trek Series is the Best?
The Original Series
0% (0)
The Next Generation
100% (2)
Deep Space 9
100% (2)
100% (2)
0% (0)
RMS Oceanic
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Posted at 12:40 pm, 18th April 2002
Sometimes, you get an uncontrollable urge to make a poll. This is one of those time. So which ST series is the best? I'm for Voyager.
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Posted at 5:52 pm, 18th April 2002
Hmm. Do I have to say TNG because the Enterprise-D was TNG? Anyway,

I really think the end of DS9 was great with all them battles, so I voted that

TNG is in a close second with some great federation ship episodes.

Enterprise is great so far, really original, and just beat Voyager to 3rd.

4th is Voyager with some great Borg episodes, and my favourites "Author, Author", and "Renaissance Man".

The Original Series is 5th being quite dull, repetitive, and when the ship gets hit, everyone runs to the other side of the stage!

In 6th place came the Animated Series (you forgot about that) because I haven't seen it at all.

I must say, the race for 2nd, 3rd and 4th was close. And I really love all those series almost the same.

Nice long(ish) post I made, huh!

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Posted at 7:37 pm, 18th April 2002
I just had to go with TNG Wink
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Posted at 3:20 am, 19th April 2002
I had to go with DS9 for one reason: DS9 was the only series in which each succesive episode built upon the ones before. This built a sense of a strong storyline that the series followed. No other series except Voyager to a lesser extent managed to do this.

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RMS Oceanic
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Posted at 7:53 am, 19th April 2002
Enterprise is cool because all the humans act like Dr. McCoy to the Vulcans. That and they swear a lot more. But I like Voyager because of 7 of 9 Eek!
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