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Posted at 10:00 pm, 28th September 2002
You should make note of the symbols used for posting.


This is used for posts concerned with the mission.


Messages like TAG (see below) and saying "Nice post" go in the off section at the start or end of the mission.


At the end of the post, in the OFF section, you may want to put TAG for somebody else to continue this. This may not be possible at times so make sure somebody can continue before you put this.

<USS Hyperion-D, Main Engineering>

The stuff like this is put in the post to signify where the action you are commenting on is taking place. You may also want to put in a time, such as "After Scooter's Post", or "2200 hours".

Simmo: Set course for Albirea 2.
Daniels: Aye sir. Course plotted.
Simmo: Engage

Speech is preferred in this format. Although, the format below is also accepted.

Ensign Peterson was in the Science Lab performing tests, when a console overloaded. Ensign Kolari noticed it too. "Whoa! That was close," Kolari asked.
"The console overloaded of course" Peterson joked, "but seriously, I have no idea."

This format is also accepted, but not preferred.

It was an ordinary day aboard the USS Transform, when all of a sudden, a panel started to beep. The bridge crew were relaxed, and so all the staff turned around to the source of the beeping, the Ops console. Lieutenant Waddington tapped a few buttons, and all of a sudden, the lights went out.

Non verbal parts (text that describes a situation) is written in the above style.

'Oh no, not again'

Thinking to yourself can go in a style like that shown above.

Simmo: =/\= Simmo to Sickbay.
Obiko: +Sickbay here+
Simmo: Is Ensign Kim ready to come back to the bridge yet?
Obiko: +Sure, he's on his way now.+
Simmo: Good. Simmo out.

Opening a comm channel is started with the use of the =/\= symbol (or the use of +tap+). Speech coming in over the comm system, or through the viewscreen, has + marks around it.

Well, thats all I can think of for now. I reccomend looking through the posts carefully to see practical uses these symbols.

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