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Notice to Commander Luke and Logalot

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Morale Officer

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Posted at 12:25 am, 4th October 2002
Your stupid forums urinate me off! It can never remember that I'm logged in, so every time I click a link I get logged out and I can't post anything because it says my name is already being used by a member (namely ME). Can we please move the roleplaying forum to EFmods forums Huh?

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Commander luke

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Posted at 12:40 am, 4th October 2002
Logalot tried. Dobberman refused.
Damn, lost 400 posts...

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Posted at 1:51 am, 4th October 2002
It was probably a space issue.

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Morale Officer

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Posted at 3:29 am, 4th October 2002
Ah well.

On a happier note, I'm now running two different copies of EF. One for multiplayer and one for single player. Need some volunteers to test my server. Since Dobber probably won't have much to say about the mod this week in live chat, maybe tomorrow afternoon/night (depending on where you live) would be good. See ya on mIRC!

Captain of the USS Serenity

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Posted at 7:36 pm, 4th October 2002
don't click the link on the main page, it stops autologin from working, go here instead
thats how I got it to work

I want to try your server

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Posted at 1:06 pm, 5th October 2002
I would prefer just having a forum here, actaully, if thats okay with Dobberman...
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