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Posted at 9:45 pm, 4th October 2002
Is simmo the guy behind everything who knows it all. Becuase i got told u are in the middle of 3 other projects... if so are you the fault of the delays because u have so much work?
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Posted at 11:39 pm, 4th October 2002
He's not behind everything, just involved with everything.

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Posted at 11:41 pm, 4th October 2002
I work for Virtual Voyager doing textures, but there is no delay there.

I work for Voyager Series 8, doing textures, but none are needed at the moment, so I'm not to be blamed for delays.

I work on the Akira Mod. This has no release date, and is released when done in my spare time.

I do some work for Major Carley's maps for Stargate SG-1 stuff.

So, its not my fault. And I dont know it all.

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Posted at 8:11 am, 6th October 2002
Simmo, I think it is your fault. Everything.

j/k Grin

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