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Morale Officer

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Posted at 3:23 am, 9th October 2002
I've never done a late night episode thingy before, but this one was so good I just had to bring it up.

The Enterprise docks for repairs at a mysterious space station.

That's all I'm saying, as that's what the episode description was in the on-screen guide. So what did you think?

NOTE: Episode airs tomorrow night on UPN and CityTV. Wait until you've seen it before you respond to this post.

Captain of the USS Serenity

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Posted at 4:04 am, 9th October 2002
If i may add my own opinion to the description: It's just like coming up to a self serve gas station in the middle of space and getting repaired. It's really cool. They get there first meal of replicated food too. Better not say too much. Wink

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Morale Officer

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Posted at 4:12 am, 9th October 2002
Hehe, forgot to add my opinion. I think the repair station has some really cool technology. It's SO advanced! It's more like full serve really. It can fix ANYTHING in less time than Jupiter Station could do it. (In reality, it's far too advanced for Enterprise time, and it's only a decade away from Jupiter Station at Warp 2, and much of the technology we see standard in TNG, so how come we never hear of it again?

Don't worry, we haven't given anything away. This is just the part that happens in the first five minutes, and we didn't even tell you in detail! It's the best ENT episode I've ever seen, I'd say it's even better than a lot of VOY episodes. You MUST watch it. I insist.

BTW: gas station = petrol station
Question: is ENT season 2 airing in Ireland and UK yet?

Captain of the USS Serenity

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Posted at 5:32 am, 9th October 2002
It already aired in Canada I take it. I'll try to watch it tomorrow.

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Morale Officer

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Posted at 3:31 pm, 9th October 2002
Yup, airs on A-Channel, an independant channel based in Edmonton, one day before it's supposed to.

Captain of the USS Serenity

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Posted at 10:19 pm, 10th October 2002
From what I can see, the two big events in the series will be:

1. Romulan War

2. Forming of the Federation

I think those are about in the same time period, right?
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Commander luke

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Posted at 12:10 am, 11th October 2002
The federation is formed after the war with the romulans ended. but, I think they will show at least the beginnig of the Romulan war. They can't show it all because in enterpris time its still 3 years away before it starts. (3 years, right?) And it lasts for like 5 years, so unless they make each episode two months apart they probably won't show the whole war.
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