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An Interview with Ensign_Kim

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Posted at 2:22 pm, 12th October 2002
This morning, I got the opportunity to interview Ensign_Kim, head of the Xtreme Gaming team.

Scooter: We've been waiting a long time. Is the MOD getting close to finished?
Mikey: The Acctual Tour is quite close to coming complete. We only have to merge a few more decks and get the turbolift working and that is it. But as for the SP MOD that will be quite awhile but at Xtreme Gaming's Christmas Show off you may get to play the first level!

S: There is some concern (not just from me) that your mapping skills aren't what they used to be. Could you maybe explain why your latest maps haven't quite been up to par with your earlier ones?
M: If you are comparing my Virtual Tour betas to the new 'Nintendo' maps, I don't take as much time on them as the Virtual Tour or USS Freedom. As the Nintendo Maps are just for fun and are only meant to be a little Holomatch fun. So the EF player has more maps to play with

S: Which mapping tool do you use?
M: EF Radient

S: Does efRadient not compile properly under Windows XP?
M: Yes it does, althought in Win 98 you saw all the compling information come up but now it is stored in a file called Junk.txt

S: What advice would you give to aspiring mappers?
M: Come and map for Xtreme Gmaing :-p, we want new mappers who we can teach and we want new fresh talent to bring into the market. I recommend you join a Mapping group not go on your own because in a group you get plently support!

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