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Have They Gone?

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Have my mapping skills gone?
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Posted at 12:00 am, 16th October 2002
In your opinion; have my mapping skill gone?

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Posted at 1:41 am, 16th October 2002
Your skills don't leave just like that. Any mapping you do is better than what I could manage.

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Posted at 1:59 am, 16th October 2002
It's not really a matter of not having the skill, as it is not having the quality. I'd say you're a better mapper than me; I'm having more than my fair share of troubles with mapping. What seems to have disappeared is the quality.

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Posted at 5:11 am, 16th October 2002
I have to agree with scooter. It's not gone but the quality is slowly deterearating (however you spell it.). I'm not saying it's going to continue deterearating (however you spell it.). It might improve again.

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Posted at 5:50 pm, 16th October 2002
Dude, mapping skills don't really 'go'... but instead you can sometime have a bad few weeks/days when you can't concentrate or get ideas on the maps. You just need to take a break for a while or try mapping something different until you get your 'mapping groove' back!

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Posted at 6:17 pm, 16th October 2002
Its the same with texturing, mine went rubbish for a while, but then came back in the end.

Yeah, the quality of your maps is going down, but i'm sure you'll get it back sooner or later, just keep to it.

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Posted at 7:27 pm, 16th October 2002
I don't really see a problem with the quality of his mapping
do you have a pic of his latest maps?

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Posted at 11:59 pm, 16th October 2002
Go download his maps and see for yourself, twat. How could you see the decrease in quality if you haven't even seen his latest work? (rhetorical question)

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