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Presenting: Smashed

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Posted at 10:02 am, 17th October 2002
Last month XG showed you the box art to a game called SMASHED. Many didn't have a clue what it was, but now we are going to tell you.

Have you ever played a map which blew up in front of you?
If some guy was hiding behind a rock did you not want to blow that rock up?
Now Xtreme Gaming presents a whole line of maps - SMASHED!

We are going to get popular HM maps and make it so you can blow platforms and items up! We have a whole line of maps to add to the smashed range!

This series will be huge, we are going to ask mappers to lend us the map and then make their maps SMASHED and they still get full credit for the map but we get credit for making it Smashed!

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Posted at 3:36 pm, 17th October 2002
I have a bad feeling about this, but I'll withhold my final verdict until I see the product. Good luck Mikey!

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Posted at 5:23 pm, 17th October 2002
Seems a good idea, maybe a bit ambitious idea though Wha?

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Posted at 7:31 pm, 17th October 2002
that sounds like a good idea

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Posted at 1:51 am, 18th October 2002
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