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Posted at 3:37 pm, 22nd October 2002
These commendations will first be issued after mission 9.

Act of Distinction: The achiever has continually posted a great deal through the course of the mission, contributing to the story at every turn.

Citation of Valour: The crew member has provided additional work for the ship, and crew, this may be graphics, the maintenance of a web page, or just text, (be that text for a web page or the selection of comments, or other relevant areas).

Cross of Distinction: The achiever of this honour has worked the plot along, showing a more real side to their character, by giving insight to the rest of the crew to his/her feelings, motivations and beliefs.

Honour of Excellence: Awarded to people who consistently post with a high standard. Where the content is descriptive, imaginative, and enjoyable to read. Length is not an essential feature, but content is.

Simmo666 Distinguished Service Award: The SDSA is open to any Virtual Game player who has been with the fleet continuously for an exceptional length of time (more than 6 months), and has provided either consistent posting quality or major contribution(s) to the Virtual Game as a whole.

Vanhal Cluster: The recipients of the Vanhal Cluster have shown continuous effort or improvement through the course of the mission.

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