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Virtual Game Mission Types

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Posted at 3:23 am, 24th October 2002
It's hard to come up with ideas for a mission, so for the past few months I've been analyzing every episode of TOS and TNG, to see what a routine mission is, and here are the results, to inspire us all. I also included acceptable non-routine mission types, and made sure to exclude rare occurances (like anything involving Data).

Three ways to start:
  1. Here's your orders, go do it.
  2. Change of orders, do this instead.
  3. Carrying out orders when something goes wrong (with a ship's system or crew member).

Missions types
    Search for missing starships or people
    Respond to distress call (ship or station or planet) [natural disaster or attack]
    Mediate between two groups as a third-party
    Meet with potential Federation member planet
    Visit Federation colony or outpost
    Explore an uncharted region of space/star system/planet
    First contact
    Investigate strange occurrances
    Negotiate a treaty with a planet or station
    Travel through unfriendly territory
    Arrest criminals
    Investigate crimes
    Study galactic phenomena or geological activity
    Test experimental technologies/systems upgrades
    Docking for maintenance
    Rendezvous with another vessel for whatever reason
    Surveillance/reconnaisance or other secret mission
    Transport cargo/people
  A glorious battle (has to be for a good reason)
  A love story
  A special guest visits the ship
  Character-building story
  Encounter individual(s) (friendly or hostile) [bipedal or space-borne] {superior or inferior}
  Holodeck malfunctions
  Stumble across interesting debris (human or alien)
  The ship gets stuck or someone gets stranded
  Time travel or alternate universe
  Violate the prime directive
  War game

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Posted at 5:52 am, 24th October 2002
Wow, we've had a lot of non-routine missions Grin

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Posted at 12:30 pm, 24th October 2002
Our time travel episode is coming soon remember, the one that I planned to do 2 missions back or something.

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Posted at 2:47 pm, 24th October 2002
A non-routine mission should start off as a routine mission. Previously, we've been going back to starbase after every mission because we've had to transfer crew. Normally, a starship is gone for quite some time and receives orders via subspace radio.

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Posted at 4:26 pm, 24th October 2002

wOOt wOOt
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Posted at 1:22 am, 25th October 2002
Tat time travel thing will be very cool Cool!

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