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Space Art by Scooter

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Morale Officer

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Posted at 4:49 am, 27th October 2002
Here's my rendition of an astronaut's view of the sun.

There's really no point to this, so I categorize it as Off-topic. I'm just fiddling around because I don't have enough time to work on mapping or skinning and I'm not ready to go to sleep yet.

Captain of the USS Serenity

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Posted at 5:08 am, 27th October 2002
That's because we have an extra hour. So it's like 9:00 PM if it was tommorow.

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Posted at 5:14 am, 27th October 2002
I dont know about you but Iam going to bed What ever!

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Posted at 10:48 am, 27th October 2002
YAY Now the forums clocks are right for once. Happy
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Posted at 10:49 am, 27th October 2002
there is allways enough time 4 mapping Grin What ever! Na na!
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Posted at 12:41 pm, 27th October 2002
.....and the astronauts get blinded from looking at the beautiful sun for too long.

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