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Crusader's Temporal Post

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Ens. Crusader
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Posted at 9:18 pm, 12th November 2002
On:8 Hours have passed

Crusader:The warp field of the engines isn't going to hold!

Simmo:What is our max warp now

Crusader:We will have warp 2.9 at current. We have about three and a half hours left until we can't warp.

Logalot:Our only chance is to throw it into the black hole. Once the warp field is down we won't be able to get away from it.

Simmo:Senior officers, what do you think?

Sporto:Eject it!


Manhunter:Better blowing in the black hole, eject.



Simmo:Computer, access waverider main computer, activate auto destruct sequence. Autherization Simmo 1-1-1A destruct. (that is kirks, except its kirk 1-1-1A destruct)

Scooter:Computer, Self Destruct waverider warp core, autherization Scooter, 2-2-2B destruct (i copied all of these from "The Search for Spock")

Sporto:Computer, Self destruct waverider warp core, autherization Scooter, 3-3-3C destruct

Computer:Final Autherization code:

Simmo:Autherization 0-0-0-0-0-1 destruct! Silent countdown 45 minutes


Simmo:Computer, eject the waverider in the direction of the black hole!

Computer:Launching.....Waverider shuttle is gone

Simmo:Everyone to the bridge! Crusader, logalot and luke come too!



Daniels:Sir, the columbia is hailing us.

Simmo:On screen.

Carlos:+Hello commador!+

Simmo:+We have a slight problem, the yacht is going to blow,, our only hope is to put it into the black hole!+

Carlos:+How long?+

Simmo:+Twenty seconds+


Simmo:+Five, four, three, two, one!+

*Crusader mutters "zero", under his breath*

*A large subspace shockwave enters the black hole, the shockwave is magnified and sent out! The columbia is sent into a huge spin as the shockwave drains power. Soon all systems fail and the crew blacks out. The shockwave hits the serenity. Tearing the starboard naccell clean off. The naccell explodes and the shockwave pushes the now powerless ships out of the shockwaves range. Some strange ships appear*

(quote from Star Trek generations, by data)
(i dont mean to swear but i think the situation calls for a bit of, er, colourful language, i mean we are all blacking out as the ships are almost destroyed)


6 hours pass


*Crusader and simmo wake up, the serenity looks like a de borged deralict 2 with more damage....much more*

Simmo:*taps combadge*:Sickbay, emergancy transport, we have injuries!

*somehow the others are beamed to sickbay*


Simmo:Computer, damgage report

Computer:Complete, manhunters undwear havr been beamed into space!

Crusader:Just give us the damage report

Computer:Your holodeck program "Vulcan hookers, how and when" is now ready

Simmo:Its circuits must be damaged.

Computer:Switching to program "How to become a phycotic murderer"

Crusader:Computer shut down and preform a level three diagnostic!

Computer:Confirmed.......computer will get down with a level three diagnostic

*crusader pulls out his phaser and hits the computer node for that deck*

Crusader:Sorry about that.

*the veiwscreen comes on, in its light they see the condition of the bridge, everthing but helm is destroyed and the doors are blocked. A number of ships appear, with one or two stations*

Crusader:Romulan war


Crusader:That station is where we went for a field trip when log, luke and i were all at the academy, doing a project about the romulan war.


*the turblift door blows open, and logalot and luke come in*

Luke:Are you guys oka.........(he seens image on screen)

CruaderNa na!ermission to beam over sir.

Simmo:Granted, you, luke, logalot and manhunter beam over, Armed!


Power is a bit back

on:They beam over

*there are lights off but the station seems fine, it appears to be "Nighttime" *

Crusader:Wow, just like at the academy

*he walks over to his old quarters*

Logalot:It sure brings back alot of old memories, but what is it doing here?

Manhunter:Er, i dont know? that what we are here to find out?

*crusaders door opensand his breath takes! A blond has walked out. Crusader looks inside and sees! HIM, and luke and logalot, all younger though! they dont see him and he pulls his head out*

Crusader:Guys, phasers on stun, take them!

*some phaser fire, Ylog and Yluke are hit. Ycrus ducks under bed.

Crusader:Who are you?

Ycrus:Im cadet Evan "Crusader" Hull. Who are you

Crusader:What? Im Ensign Evan "Crusader" hull.

Ycrus:Impossible! Why did you shoot logalot and luke?

Logalot:What, im Logalot!

*taps commbadge*
Crusader:Transporter room, six to beam out!
*they arrive, but as they pass the armoury....*

Ycrus:Wow! What kind of gun is that?

Quartermaster:That, is the newest phaser, it is smaller, this is the trigger and this switches to stun, kill and cut-
*young crus grabs three of the phasers and switchs them to stun, he fires and hits manhunter. Crusader, logalot and luke hide behind an open door.*

Crusader:Why are you doing this

Ycrus:You really want me to beleive that you are me?

*more phaser fire, the quartermaster crawls to crusader*

Quartermaster:Here, this is the SAW phaser and this is the containment field weapon

*Luke takes the SAW, logalot a phaser rifle and crusader the containment weapon. They hurry and luke is able to hit ylog and logalot is able to hit yluke. Crusader loads his weapon and hits ycrus with the beam. ycrus it hit by the blue beam and begins to spasm. Crusader keeps the beam on him and switches to stun. A ball of energy travles down the beam and hits ycrus. stunning him

*on bridge*

Simmo:So you are saying that these "kids" are younger versions of you? How is that possible?

*Columbia hails*

Carlos:+Look at this simmo!+

*the 10to5 appears on screen*


Daniels:Sir,we are being hailed

Simmo:On screen!

vanhal:+This is vanhal, who are you and where are we!+


French class is a great time to make these up, sorre for the long post flix! After the whole travle back/forwarad in time thing is solved we can do the other mission that we originally had to do....

Ycrus=young crusader
Ylog=young logalot
Yluke=young luke
Asistant cheif science officer USS Serinity