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Posted at 7:55 pm, 13th November 2002
When will it be released?
Commander luke

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Posted at 8:06 pm, 13th November 2002
When Dobberman is done. Wink

No, really. No offence, but all you guests should stop asking, hes making the friggin' enterprise, its gonna take time,

Stupid people who've never even mapped *Ramble, Ramble*...
Damn, lost 400 posts...

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Posted at 10:15 pm, 13th November 2002
Now now, no need to be mean to the new people.

Commander Sporto78
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Life is good.
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Posted at 10:54 pm, 13th November 2002
Ahem *puts on Scooter voice*


Welcome to the boards!




Rear Admiral Simmo666
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Posted at 1:31 am, 14th November 2002
Hehe *puts on Carlos voice*


Join the Virtual Game.
Pick Serenity or Columbia.
I recommend Columbia.


Na na!

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