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Posted at 5:15 pm, 16th November 2002
Well you missed last nights update but here's what I told them.

I'm making a my own Type 3 Phaser Rifle as seen TNG. This is my first ever model and I think it's...nice Grin.

Now what I didn't say last night:
The rifle will replace the compression rifle. I haven't got it textured yet but the model is pretty much finished. Just one or two more details to add.
I did some more mapping and the armory is half done. Not long now then I can move on to the bridge and then the final scripting.

And For Your Eyes only:

There, a shot of the untextured rifle.

Ignore the carpet. Neither that one nor the one in the last shot will be in the final. A new one similar to the one in the other screenshot will be used. And please don't post this pic.
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