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Have you given up with BC Mods
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Join Date: 17-03-2002
Posted at 7:02 pm, 23rd April 2002
Any one here who has BridgeCommander have they given up on installing the mods coming out because i have I have been wanting to play the intrepid class ship for ages now and can not seem to get it to work so has any 1 els given up downloading Mods.
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Posted at 7:25 pm, 23rd April 2002
I have, I downloaded one and just couldn't be bothered with all the work it needed just to install, good ol' borg cube was nice and easy though
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Posted at 9:37 pm, 23rd April 2002
That patch (v1.1) messed up all of my mods. I used the mod packager, but since I installed it and uninstalled it, no mods have worked again. Sad So I have gave up until the new version comes out.

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Posted at 6:56 pm, 26th April 2002
After all this time I have finally got the Voyager on and its sooooooooo cooooooooool and the Borg ship it looks like the episode Scorpian hehehehehehehehe carnt waite for the Voyager Mod to come out
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